Finally, let’s do this...

Hello, there ambitious lady!  

Did you know that four in ten business’s fail in the first five years?  

Scary thought, right?  

 And you really don’t want you to be one of them!

So what can you do instead? 

You may have had great intentions at the start of this year and had big dreams for 2018. But the truth now is that it's nearly the end of 2018 and you are tired of being tired because you have woken up in the morning resenting your full time job. You are stressed about the idea your husband or his family are going to ask you "how is your business doing?" And you are overwhelmed with the 50 point to do list you have and you have no idea what to focus on to move your business forward in 2019.  

You might have been Googling things to find marketing strategies, hanging out in Facebook groups looking for the answer or meeting up for pointless coffees with other female business owners to find the way forward because you literally have no idea.

You are also in a position where you can’t spend thousands of pounds with a business coach or mentor. You need something super affordable for 2019 to finally help you go big and start 2019 with a bang! You are determined that 2019 is the year that you are going BIG with your vision, dreams, desires and business!

But the truth of the matter is that without the right mindset, strategy, faith and action you just won’t succeed. This is the raw truth. Not just that, you also need to in a positive environment and space to make changes and feel supported. Sometimes, husbands, partners and friends just don’t get it! Have you ever heard the saying you are the sum of the 5 people you place your company with? This means that you constantly need to be in a positive environment. 

See I know you, I know that you can create the life of your dreams AND have a successful business with the income you desire. Yes, you can have it all. You just need to stop playing small and take big bold action whilst working on your strategy and mindset. 

How do I know that? Because I have been there myself and I know how it feels. And I also know how it feels to be on the other side. I've grown up on the roughest street in my hometown and I am a proud survivior of work place bullying. In the past year, I have exceeded my corporate income (3 times over) and celebrated consistent five figure month's. I am currently sat in Canada writing this and I have transformed my life in the last few years. Far from the miserable bullied corporate girl only a few years back! 

So finally there is an answer! 

My mastermind has been specially developed for ambitious Asian female entrepreneurs who are in the creative industry. This is the second round and the first round had the most amazing results including highest income month's ever for so many of the masterminder's. My Shine and Rise mastermind is for ambitious and energetic female Asian entrepreneurs who are ready to get out of their own way and get the results in business that they truly desire and crave all whilst being supported by me and other amazing Asian female entrepreneurs. 

This mastermind is right for you if: 

  • You are willing to do the mindset work to move the blocks that are holding you back. You will really have to go there and dig deep (there might be tears) but me and the other incredible women will support you entirely. 
  • You are not getting the consistent income in your business due to a lack of leads or you just aren’t converting the leads. You are constantly in a feast and famine cycle and you finally want to break through! This basically means you want a consistent monthly income. 
  • You finally what to find out how you should be structuring your weeks and months to best leverage your time and create a BIG impact. 
  • You feel stuck and overwhelmed and you just can’t move forward as you don't know how to!  
  • You want your own tribe of high vibe amazing female entrepreneurs around you in a private confidential setting. These will be your cheerleaders and together we will support each other in the most uplifting and positive way. There won’t be any judgement,and all of us will support you each step of the way.  
  • You are sick of comparatists and just want to get over it like yesterday. 
  • You want a marketing system and a plan which you can follow and build on to generate those leads and income!
  • And so much more…

How does it work? 

So on the 8th January 2019 we will be starting the Shine and Rise mastermind for six months. We will covering the below topics via a private Facebook group:  

  • Your big why and what you truly desire year. This is about getting super clear on your dream life and calling in what you want. 
  • Mindset,yes we need to start with the absolute foundation and remove those annoying blocks that are holding you back. This will be the deep inner work which is absolutely required. This won't be easy but it will be worth it
  • Money Mindset - Money blocks are one of the biggest things that hold Asian female entrepreneurs back therefore I will be sharing how to bust through money blocks and your money story can recieve more and live abundantly. 
  • Brand messaging – because without a true meaningful connected message you don’t have a business. In this training I will showing you how to can stand out online to attract more income and clients
  • Ideal clients and branding – so many entrepreneurs miss this part but it’s the most crucial to attracting paying consistent clients
  • High performance and productivity. This is an area I am completely obsessed with and I am going to show you exactly how you can utilise your time better. Even if you are working full time or are a mother!
  • SEO Strategy and Website Review. Again so many entrepreneurs miss this crucial step which is vital if you want to scale and expand your business. Being on the first page of Google need's to be your priority and I will be showing you how
  • PR Strategy - I personally have been featured in the likes of BBC Asian Network, BBC Breakfast Show, Khush Magazine and so many more and I will be walking you through why you need a PR strategy and how to get featured.  
  • How to create an engaging blog which also supports your SEO strategy. Blogging isn't dead and you can drive more traffic and clients through a value added blog
  • How to have the right sales calls so you can actually convert your calls into clients. I will also be sharing how actually have a sales process that coverts so from initial email to that signed contract! 
  • I will be sharing objection handling scripts so that when a prospective client does say NO how you can change that to a YES. 
  • How to create epic shoots that get featured. I have been featured in global wedding blogs such as Strictly Weddings and national bridal magazines You and Your Wedding oh and Khush Magazine online
  • Email Marketing - You should always be building your email list because this will enable you to have a deeper connection with your audience therefore I will be showing you have to create an opt in an grow your list. 
  • Content Strategy - Content is so important in attractive a consistent stream of clients all year round so I will be walking you through my content strategy 
  • The power of Influencer Marketing - Find out how to collaborate with influencers in your niche to get your brand out there on a bigger level
  • Social Media Marketing including Facebook group visibility
  • Linkedin Strategy 
  • Finally charge what you are worth 
  • Self-worth and confidence techniques

The following will also be included:

  • Creating a 90 day action plan so you can start smashing your goals 
  • Live training every two weeks– you will be able to get your questions answered here
  • Feedback Wednesday’s every two weeks to finally get structured feedback on anything you want. Think your website, copy, your follow up process – anything really. This is where the magic happens
  • Regular challenges so I can hold you accountable and really push you outside your comfort zone! I am talking the miracle morning and visibility challenge!  
  • Get IT done Thursday’s where we dedicate two hours to getting things done that we have been putting off! This can be that email you need to send to an influencer, that FB live you need to do or just writing that blog post
  • You will also get an allowance of two posts per month to share in my Facebook group of over 3000 amazing women. This could be your pop-up shop, product, event or service! 
  • 2 LIVE Q&A Calls per month which are all recoreded. This will be your opportunity to get everything answered that you might be struggling with
  • All supported by worksheets and cheat sheets and so much more!  

Here are just some of my results from some incredible women I have worked with: 

  • Tina completely transformed herself within a space of a few months. Something was missing when she attended the workshop and having been through a miscarriage she had lost her spark. When she launched Wrap it By Tina in July 2018 she had to close the online shop as demand was so high!  
  • Sunita is celebrating August 2018 being her highest income this year  
  • Nish is celebrating two consecutive five figure months in revenue – that’s over £10k in revenue!  
  • Tanya celebrated her highest income month in July and got two pieces of amazing press coverage including BBC Oxford Radio! She also has collaborated with John Lewis for their Diwali campaign!
  • Charul is celebrating August 2018 being her highest income ever since business started  
  • Rav relaunched her business in September 2018 and has had consecutive fully booked month's!  

These are just some of the phenomenal success stories. 

Here are the payment options:  

8 months @£138.87 per month  

9 months @ £123.44 per month  

12 months @£92.58 per month  

Why masterminds work: 

Accountability and a Positive Environment

Sometimes you have the best intentions, but life gets in the way and there is no one there to hold you accountable. And because we work on our own usually this is amplified even more. Not in this mastermind! I will be holding you accountable and if you do fall I will be ready there to catch you. Why? Because I care and I want you to get results in your business. The high vibe intimate Facebook group is invaluable. 


Over the years I have invested in myself a lot which means more knowledge. My background is also in online marketing so I know all things PPC, SEO, holistic strategy and so much more! This is most likely why I have been able to cut the learning curve and get to where I want to faster. This is exactly why I am able to teach you everything I know at a fraction of the price! I personally know what works and what doesn’t, and I have seen it work for many of the ambitious ladies who were part of my 2018 mastermind or have been mentored by me. 


Mindset is so key to business and so many entrepreneurs don’t realise the importance of it. I will be demonstrating the key mindset tools I use to remove blocks. This is deep inner work and I haven’t shared before so I am really excited to bring this to you!

 Here are the payment options: 

8 months @£138.87 per month  

9 months @ £123.44 per month  

12 months @£92.58 per month  

Don’t just take my word for it – here are some testimonials from my previous mastermind 

Tanya Vyas

"I decided to attend Sharn’s workshop in October last year and since then, things changed! I was more active with the business, I had more fire in my belly and the vision was clearer than ever.  

I jumped at the chance to join her mastermind and seriously, Sharn has helped us evolve into better businesswomen!  

I now have my highest earning month as we speak and that's due to the direction and guidance and push we've received from Sharn. I have been featured in the media including BBC radio and I have had a Diwali partnership confirmed with John Lewis"

Tina Nandha

"I attended Sharn’s Shine Bright workshop in Jan and I can honestly say it was one of the most inspiring and motivating workshops I’ve been on. It was definitely the right place to be for the start of this year to get my business restarted with the right mindset and determination. Thank you Sharn, keep up the great workshops!  

Having followed on that and attending her Mastermind from March onwards, I can honestly say that having Sharn on my journey to a business relaunch has been an investment well worth it. I honestly don’t know what position my business would be in right now if it wasn’t for the last 7 months of learning. Thank you again, a wonderful, knowledgeable, motivating mentor"  

Sunita Jassal 

"I can say nothing but fabulous things since joining and becoming one of Sharn’s masterminder’s.  

I chose to invest in myself and my brand and made amazing things happen!!!  

Each month has been better than the last with regards to the content delivered and the support given. I’ve found that being visible and taking into account all the information that Sharn has given and putting it all in motion was very scary at first – but coming out of my comfort zone...reaching out for help and putting everything into practice was crucial for my business to move forward!  

THE RESULT? August has been my most lucrative month for 2018 and also from the previous years sales when compared to each quarter.  

Elated is an understatement!"  

Charul Bakhda

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Sharn.  

I first came to your shine bright 1 day workshop and was blown away with content you shared.  

When you announced your mastermind I had to join. You share so much more then what I paid for. In last 6 months I have grown and each day I grow more. So much so that with your guidance, your spiritual and fact filled information and your true life experiences you share has given me such a boost that this August was my highest earning month in last 3 years.  

You share your knowledge openly, you give way more the one's expectations, what you practice is what you preach, its tried and tested by you first and then you share. So authentic, open, generous, honest and purposeful training.  

From bottom of my heart I would like to thank you. You are a blessing to all the women who wants to have their life and follow their dreams but need a hand to succeed when it comes to business and life.  

Stay blessed and keep doing the great work."

So Why Would You Trust Me? 

You may not know too much about me but under two years I was able to replace my corporate income with my successful wedding planning business – Desi Bride Dreams. Not only that I had huge exposure last year with myself being featured on the BBC Breakfast show, having my work published in global wedding blogs such as Strictly weddings as well as national bridal magazines You and Your Wedding. I was also nominated as a finalist as “Best Asian Wedding Planner” in the British Asian Wedding Awards and my work has been featured in across leading UK blogs such as Nu Bride and Secret Wedding Blog.  

With my background in online marketing and working with some amazing global brands as well as building a successful business in under 2 years. I have also have been mentoring Asian women for the last year who have got some amazing results. I know exactly what works, what doesn’t. I have been celebrating five figure months and on track to hit my ambitious targets this year! I have been where you have and I know exactly how it feels.  


  • Who is this mastermind for? This is a mastermind for ambitious Asian female creative entrepreneurs that are finally ready to take big action and actually do the work! If you do the work you will see the results – simple. You can be a new business owner without a business or a established business owner looking to take their business to the next level! 
  • When does the mastermind start? The mastermind starts on 8th January 2019 and ends 8th June 2019. This is a 6 month mastermind. 
  • Do you offer a payment plan? Yes, we do please see above. Otherwise you can pay up front. Please contact me regarding this. 
  • What if I’m away for part of the programme? You will receive lifetime access to all materials so if you are away you can pick it up later on when needed.
  •  Do you offer refunds? Due to the nature of this mastermind, no refunds are available.