Hello, there ambitious lady! 

Is 2021 going to be the year you finally launch your business?  

Then you are in the right place!

You have a dream in your mind and a fire in your belly. 

You may have had great intentions in 2021 but for some reason, you just didn't launch your business. 

Maybe it was the pandemic and you thought maybe I should just put my dream on hold.

You know this is a new decade and you know something needs to change despite it being a global pandemic.

I am here to tell YOU now is the best time ever!

Why? Because building a brand takes time and energy and more and more people are going self-employed than ever before. So the best time is to actually start now so you can build your audience!

The truth is that you are tired of being tired and have had enough of waking up every morning resenting your full-time job. You are stressed at the thought of your husband or his family asking you 

"Have you launched that business yet?".  

But you just don’t know where to start with the launch of your business. You have the idea, you are super passionate and eventually you want to give up your soul sucking corporate job and work on your dream business. I get you lady, because I have been there!

Maybe you have no idea on how to launch. Maybe you don't know which marketing strategies to focus on for launch or just feel super scared of putting both your brand and yourself out there into the big wide world! You also feel like you have no support network and nobody actually understands your entrepreneurial journey. 

Fear and judgement have kept you firmly held back. You know you can BE more, HAVE more and DO more but if only you could actually get out of your own way.

I know how it feels. I have been there myself.  

You might have been heading to Google to find marketing strategies or even hanging out in free Facebook groups looking for the answer. Maybe you even go as far as meeting up for pointless coffees with other female business owners in your quest to find a way forward. You really just want to launch your brand with confidence and without fear! Oh and with a bang!

You're also in a position where you can’t spend thousands of pounds with a business coach or mentor. You need something super affordable to finally help you actually launch your brand with confidence NEXT YEAR DESPITE THE PANDEMIC. Yes you heard that right. You can still launch your brand successfully this year!

You are determined that 2021 is the year that you are going BIG with your vision, dreams, desires and business! Because let's face it - you know you can. I know you can. You know you can go big, you know you can create your dream life and you know that you were meant for bigger things. If only you could get the support, strategies and guidance you needed to actually launch your business!  

The truth of the matter is that without the right mindset, strategy, faith, peer support and action you just won’t launch. This is the raw truth. Not just that, you also need to in a positive environment and space to make changes and feel supported. Sometimes, husbands, partners and friends just don’t get it!  

You can't do this on your own.

I know because I tried. 

See I know you and I see you. I know that you can create the life of your dreams AND have a successful business with the income you desire. Yes! You can have it all. You just need to stop playing small and make big bold actions whilst working on your strategy and mindset.  

How do I know this? I have been there myself and I know how it feels. I also know how it feels to be on the other side. I've grown up on the roughest street in my hometown and I am a proud survivor of workplace bullying. I've transformed my life in the last few years. If you have been following my journey you will know. Far from the miserable bullied corporate girl only a few years back! But that' not the important part. The important part is I have helped women just like you create the businesses of their dreams.  

So finally there is an answer! 

My super special start up programme has been specially developed for ambitious Asian female entrepreneurs who are in the creative, wellness, personal development and wedding industry. My Shine and Rise programme is for Asian female entrepreneurs who are ready to get out of their own way and get the results in business that they truly desire and crave all without the excuses. No more putting it off, no more letting fear drive you and no more doing it all alone.

Let's be totally honest - you will never feel ready but now is your time to kick fear in the face!

You are ready to launch like yesterday! 


This programme is right for you if: 

  • You are willing to do the mindset work to move the blocks that are holding you back. You will really have to go there and dig deep (there might be tears) but we will all be there to support you entirely on your journey. 
  • You have a business idea that you want to get out into the world and attract dreamy clients 
  • You haven’t launched your brand and you want to in 2021!
  • You finally what to find out how you should be structuring your weeks and months to best leverage your time and create a BIG impact. 
  • You feel stuck and overwhelmed and you just can’t move forward as you don't know how to!  
  • You are sick of comparatists and just want to get over it like yesterday. 
  • You want a marketing system and a plan which you can follow and build on to generate those leads and income!
  • And so much more…

How does it work? 

This is a self study start up business course so you can go at your own pace! Below are the trainings that are included.

Not only that! You get the below incredible trainings by experts

Here are just some of my results from some incredible women I have worked with: 


This isn’t a few hundred pounds here and there, this is anything from £1k - £10k per month!

  • Sonali soft launched her new wellness retreat just three weeks into the new mastermind and had her highest income month of £7k recently. She handed in her notice at work in 2019 at work and is now consistently booked with clients!
  • Sonal who is a toastmaster relaunched her business with a huge bang! This included multiple pieces of media including Khush Magazine and BBC Asian Network! She also had her highest income month ever and has launched her own public speaking workshops!
  • Sonali who is a brand designer completely changed her business model and is smashing her income goals each month! She also handed her notice in this year and is full time in her business
  • Nish celebrated two consecutive five-figure months in revenue – that’s over £10k in revenue!  
  • Tanya who is a henna artist celebrated her highest income month in July and got two pieces of amazing press coverage including BBC Oxford Radio! She also has collaborated with John Lewis for their paid Diwali campaign!
  • Sejal launched her beautiful luxury candle brand with a bang and an incredible amount of orders!
  • Aarti celebrated being on the BBC Asian Network radio in the first two weeks of the mastermind! This opportunity definitely would have not happened if she wasn't in the mastermind!
  • Mandeep launched her website in the middle of lockdown week but still had an incredible amount of sales and record sales since then!
  • Kajal worked through her money blocks via the training and smashed some extremely big income ceilings! She continues to sell out her workshops and retreats since finishing the mastermind!
  • Kam finally launched her healing business after sitting on her idea for 20 years!
  • Gurjinder joined the mastermind during the lockdown. She had to quickly pivot her business due to the events industry being on hold. She has been fully booked in her marketing business since April!

*Please note these results are from my Established Business Mastermind

 These are just some of the phenomenal success stories!

Why masterminds work: 

Knowledge and Experience

My background is in ten years of online marketing so I know all things PPC, SEO, holistic strategy and so much more! This is most likely why I have been able to cut the learning curve and get to where I want to faster with a business that is sustainable. Over the years I have invested in myself a lot which means more knowledge. This is exactly why I am able to teach you everything I know at a fraction of the price! I personally know what works and what doesn’t, and I have seen it work for many of the ambitious ladies who have been part of my previous masterminds! You are also learning from someone who has a six figure sustainable business and is a woman of colour. Our blocks are completely different to others so we need the right tools and strategies to support us!


Mindset is so key to business and so many Asian female entrepreneurs don’t realise the importance of it. I will be demonstrating the key mindset tools I use to remove blocks for my own business and that have worked for countless other Asian female entrepreneurs. This is deep inner work which I don't share anywhere else other than with my mastermind and mentoring clients!

Don’t just take my word for it – here are some testimonials from my previous masterminds! 


Nikita Makwana
Jewellery Designer and Founder of Accents

Karen Mann
Makeup Artist

Sonali Tank
Brand Designer and Founder of Lilac Rose Designs

Gurjinder - Markerting Expert
Black Mamba Marketing

So Why Would You Trust Me? 

You may not know too much about me but under two years I was able to replace my corporate income with my successful wedding planning business – Desi Bride Dreams. Not only that I had huge exposure last year with myself being featured on the BBC Breakfast show, having my work published in global wedding blogs such as Strictly weddings as well as national bridal magazines You and Your Wedding. I was also nominated as a finalist as “Best Asian Wedding Planner” in the British Asian Wedding Awards and my work has been featured in across leading UK blogs such as Nu Bride and Secret Wedding Blog.  

With my background in online marketing and working with some amazing global brands as well as building a successful business in under 2 years. I have also have been mentoring Asian women for the 3 years who have got some amazing results. I know exactly what works, what doesn’t. I have been celebrating five figure months and on track to hit my ambitious targets next year! I have been where you have and I know exactly how it feels.  

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Who is this progrfamme for?

This is a mastermind for ambitious Asian female creative entrepreneurs that are finally ready to take big action and actually do the work! This is designed for established business owners looking to GROW! 

When does the mastermind start?

You get access immediately to the portal.

Is this suitable for established brands?

I have a special established mastermind just for you! You can find all of the information here

What if I’m away for part of the programme?

You will receive lifetime access to all materials so if you are away you can pick it up later on when needed.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, we do please see above.  You will also be sent a contract to complete.

 Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this mastermind, no refunds are available under any circumstance. Once you have made payment you will be emailed a contract to be signed.

What time are the sessions? And how long do we need each week?

This is a self study course so you will receive all of the modules up front so you can go at your own pace. You will get access to a great portal.

The mastermind is a lifestyle change but usually 2-4 hours a week would be needed to watch the trainings and implement etc!  

 Are the results guaranteed?

No reputable coach or mentor can guarantee you results and this mastermind is not a get rich mastermind! Therefore we cannot guarantee any kind of result but what we know to be true is that the women that show up, work hard, implement, participate and take action get epic results! No results are guaranteed though!